Saturday, 3 June 2017


Eureka I have at last found my blog. I dont know
 how I lost it , but as you will no doubt realise
a tech wizard I'm not. Some of these pictures
could be 2 weeks old so I apologise in advance.
This is a table quilt by Jenny, in lovely shades of
Turquoise and Grey's.

These are Irenes latest buy, pre printed piecing to make
the blocks illustrated. A safe way for some to make
blocks , you sew it all then cut through the paper.

This is an ongoing cushion by Margaret. a cut down
version of Annie pies flag, as seen in the pics.

This is the start of Val's scrap quilt, set on the stage
this shows the contrast the dark sections will have.

Also Val has made this German pattern of a
wrap around pinafore dress for her grand
 daughter, the bear and the bunny are
the same on the back too.

This is Kate's super king size quilt. A true labour
of love. Kate has been working on this for
quite a long time. Other projects in between,
always returning to this . It is really stunning.

Another project by Kate, a beautiful Fairy quilt
as a gift to a lover of fairies.

Marissabell started this quilt with hearts cut out
from the Accuquilt machine. This also is a gift
 for a friend. all beautifully quilted and ready
to go.

This is the start of Chris's coffee table runner, such a
lovely print and has been so popular in class.
This beautiful bag by Lynda is to carry all her
sewing boxes, such a super print that she has quilted
all around the images so that they look like applique.

As Lynda is the queen of bag making, these 2 are
the summer light weight bags for shopping.
 I'm sure she has a bag for every day.

This is my tumbling block quilt. So easy to do
and so addictive. I've made a Tumbling block
before with diamonds, never again after this
one, its only half sq. triangles and squares.
All pieced now and sandwiched just
waiting to be quilted.

Last of all these are my great grand daughters
pinnies. I can't believe how quickly she has grown.
She is now almost 18 months old. The only way
we can keep up with her when we're out and about
is with reins. Such a reality moment when she goes home
we need to rest . Bless.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Bank holiday blues.

Well we've been to Wales again , not a hot weekend
to say the least. We have caught up with friends and
 reviewed all the winter sewing. I've been inspired
yet again by my friend Lucy's applique. She has been
making quilts using the little owls from the 
accuquilt dies. We bought them last year for the class.
Ithink they may come to class on Wednesday.
This beautiful quilt has been made by Annette
quilted at Trading post. a gift for a niece in USA.

Another 3 quilts by Beryl all will be gifted for charity.
Most of the fabrics have been donated to the class
for nominal sums, so we all benefit from
other peoples stash.

This is part of a set of cushions in the making by Margaret.
It has been bought from the Bankrupt stock shop
in Newcastle. Each was printed as a chair cover,
so all the extra fabric will make the backs
with zips!

Monday, 24 April 2017

I'm back at last.

It has been a long time since I worked on this 
blog, I've almost forgotten how. I had a big birthday
at the beginning of the year and haven't been well 
since. The dreaded lurgy took over my whole system
and continued until this week. I'm back to my sewing
and still trying to finish projects, far too many for
comfort. We visited Uttoxeter show in April, not
 the roaring success it should have been maybe
because of the weather or the timing. Needless to 
say money was spent and new projects started
resulting in another pile of ufo's.

This quilt has been made by Val, I think its for her sofa
to save from head marks,( I hope I'm right)

These are the beginnings of a wall hanging
by arty Beryl, stitched onto velvet samples.
Using many techniques as per usual for Beryl.

As these pics have been taken over quite a period
this cushion could well be finished by now.
Margaret has been working on this, a prototype
cushion from a previous flag quilt made by Annie pie.

Joey has just started to quilt with us, this is a cushion for
one of her grand children.

The ladies have been knitting Innocence hats, till last week they
had made 200. Also 200 at Christmas. each one gets 25p
for the charity.

This vintage twin pram has been renovated by Marion,
her great grand daughter was so proud to show us all,
especially as she had arrived in grannies special car.
Marion rides a bike so the car has a hoist in the back.
This day it contained a special pram, the quilts below were
in the pram also.

This doll will possibly be finished by now, another gift
for a little girl in the far east. Chris was on a mission
to complete before her next visit some time now.

Paper pieced ie:-stitch and flip onto a4 portrait way. Cut in 2
length ways and the plain colour stitched to form a tube.
Then cut into triangles. Magic.

Uttoxeter charm purchase  Kaffe Fasset, this will
be a charity quilt.

and again this time a Robert Kaufman set, really

This was a small plastic bag of scraps from Linus stand.
The cost £3-00. As you must know by now, some one
elses scraps are always desirable( as if we haven't
enough of our own)

A variation from a recent quilt book, using all scraps.
I empted a draw to make this. Mostly the fabrics left
from previous quilts.

Another lap quilt made from scraps from other quilts, almost
finished just the hand sewing to do. That means the last
6 quilts are all mine to finish.(besides all the others that are
hanging on the bedroom door.)

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Charity projects are up and running.

As a group, we ladies at the hall love a 
challenge. Mine for this year (and should be 
fore ever) to use up scraps. This doesn't
always work well for me. I start with a 
bag of scraps, cut up and use some, then
 there seems to be a bigger pile. Some of 
the ladies are knitting hats, for the smoothies.
Others are playing with the Accuquilt we 
have bought. Lovely flying geese and hearts
dies.  Charity play mats  and quilts being made
and any left overs we donate to a recycling
group in  Fenton. The days start with lots 
of chatter and new ideas, then we start to
play. Such a privilege to sew with friends.

Jenny has made this play mat for charity.
The fabric is so colourful any kiddie
will love it.

This is one of 2 quilts made by Annette.
They are to be sent to USA for a niece.
They have been quilted at the
Trading post at Woore, So beautiful
and reasonably priced for a special

Another of Annette's quilts, so cute with
 the dollies and  cakes, typical 50's prints.
I remember having a doll like these,
 I think they were called Cupie dolls.

With another visit to the far east due Chris
 is busy sewing a size chart for Baby Thea.
She quickly pinned and bagged it. Then
started to quilt it. a very "in" print with
the lovely Foxes and Owls.

Irene has made this raw edge quilt. It was
 cut on her new Accuquilt machine. All the
edges are about a 1/4 in tiny cuts, when
washed they will become Chenille type fabric.

More of the hats, Beryl and Marissabel were
 making these, Then Marissabel continued to
quilt her lovely fishy quilt. Sorry I didn't get
a pic , I will this week.

This is one of Beryls journals, the
reason she does these "just because"
These contain so much technical
art work. Also they reflect how you
cope with everyday and get things
into respective. The cover is layered
fabrics and threads, over stitched and
secured with voiles. The paintings
are multi media too.

Iv'e read that many celebrities hang
upside down to relieve stress, not one I
will attempt .

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Spring is here!

Hopefully the bad weather has ended , now we are 
seeing the beautiful Daffs in the gardens. We are
doing well at the hall, the ladies are making all sorts
of beautiful things,knitting,  crochet, bag making ,
we now have an Accuquilt to play with, we are looking 

forward to lots of hearts and flying geese projects.

Jenny's cat quilt now completed, a very good design for
 a guy.  

Another of Beryl's arty bits, everyone's selvages , collected
over months, these will be 2 cushions.

Foxy,s variation on the Chequered Dresden, these have
proved very popular since Xmas.

Maggie was making a costume for the book day
at her granddaughters school.

2 orphan blocks found by Irene, these will be made
into Zimmer frame bag for a frame, beautiful fabrics.

Cathy has been making smoothie hats, along with the other ladies
The last count was about 200 by Beryl and Kate. These are
 towards the next donation. The ladies are also having fun
making the tiny bobbles, using a plastic fork!

This pretty bag has been made by Marrilla, a gift for

Chris, back from her far eastern travels has made this
lovely bunting. A kit from the show at Uttoxeter last
year. a lovely and different type of bunting.

Another bag by Val, this was a variation on the carryall
bag made a few weeks ago. This one has extra pockets
and is  a bit larger.

An other beautiful designer shop sample bag made
by Kate, really heavy chenille in this plum
colour. Unique is becoming the byword for
the work being done in the hall.

Lynda has been sewing these lovely prints with
a beautiful batik fabric from Angies shop, it
just shows how a backing fabric can enhance
a motif , making a stunning quilt.

Do you remember Buzby? We all did, I just thought
that the design would make a great quilt. Marisabell
thinks that it is 30  years old, from when she lived
in London.

At last, my Hunters star completed. I,m really pleased,
Its taken longer than normal for me but I have been offside
for 5 weeks. Now to finish something else thats waiting.