Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Charity projects are up and running.

As a group, we ladies at the hall love a 
challenge. Mine for this year (and should be 
fore ever) to use up scraps. This doesn't
always work well for me. I start with a 
bag of scraps, cut up and use some, then
 there seems to be a bigger pile. Some of 
the ladies are knitting hats, for the smoothies.
Others are playing with the Accuquilt we 
have bought. Lovely flying geese and hearts
dies.  Charity play mats  and quilts being made
and any left overs we donate to a recycling
group in  Fenton. The days start with lots 
of chatter and new ideas, then we start to
play. Such a privilege to sew with friends.

Jenny has made this play mat for charity.
The fabric is so colourful any kiddie
will love it.

This is one of 2 quilts made by Annette.
They are to be sent to USA for a niece.
They have been quilted at the
Trading post at Woore, So beautiful
and reasonably priced for a special

Another of Annette's quilts, so cute with
 the dollies and  cakes, typical 50's prints.
I remember having a doll like these,
 I think they were called Cupie dolls.

With another visit to the far east due Chris
 is busy sewing a size chart for Baby Thea.
She quickly pinned and bagged it. Then
started to quilt it. a very "in" print with
the lovely Foxes and Owls.

Irene has made this raw edge quilt. It was
 cut on her new Accuquilt machine. All the
edges are about a 1/4 in tiny cuts, when
washed they will become Chenille type fabric.

More of the hats, Beryl and Marissabel were
 making these, Then Marissabel continued to
quilt her lovely fishy quilt. Sorry I didn't get
a pic , I will this week.

This is one of Beryls journals, the
reason she does these "just because"
These contain so much technical
art work. Also they reflect how you
cope with everyday and get things
into respective. The cover is layered
fabrics and threads, over stitched and
secured with voiles. The paintings
are multi media too.

Iv'e read that many celebrities hang
upside down to relieve stress, not one I
will attempt .

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Spring is here!

Hopefully the bad weather has ended , now we are 
seeing the beautiful Daffs in the gardens. We are
doing well at the hall, the ladies are making all sorts
of beautiful things,knitting,  crochet, bag making ,
we now have an Accuquilt to play with, we are looking 

forward to lots of hearts and flying geese projects.

Jenny's cat quilt now completed, a very good design for
 a guy.  

Another of Beryl's arty bits, everyone's selvages , collected
over months, these will be 2 cushions.

Foxy,s variation on the Chequered Dresden, these have
proved very popular since Xmas.

Maggie was making a costume for the book day
at her granddaughters school.

2 orphan blocks found by Irene, these will be made
into Zimmer frame bag for a frame, beautiful fabrics.

Cathy has been making smoothie hats, along with the other ladies
The last count was about 200 by Beryl and Kate. These are
 towards the next donation. The ladies are also having fun
making the tiny bobbles, using a plastic fork!

This pretty bag has been made by Marrilla, a gift for

Chris, back from her far eastern travels has made this
lovely bunting. A kit from the show at Uttoxeter last
year. a lovely and different type of bunting.

Another bag by Val, this was a variation on the carryall
bag made a few weeks ago. This one has extra pockets
and is  a bit larger.

An other beautiful designer shop sample bag made
by Kate, really heavy chenille in this plum
colour. Unique is becoming the byword for
the work being done in the hall.

Lynda has been sewing these lovely prints with
a beautiful batik fabric from Angies shop, it
just shows how a backing fabric can enhance
a motif , making a stunning quilt.

Do you remember Buzby? We all did, I just thought
that the design would make a great quilt. Marisabell
thinks that it is 30  years old, from when she lived
in London.

At last, my Hunters star completed. I,m really pleased,
Its taken longer than normal for me but I have been offside
for 5 weeks. Now to finish something else thats waiting.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017


This beautiful quilt by Marissabell is now finished,
the ducklings are so cute, notice the little odd one?

he is the ugly duckling. ahh!

Last week in February.

Well, this is the last week in February and as you may
well have notice not a great deal of input from me.
On the last day of January I had a big!!!!!! birthday,
since then I haven't been well. We all joke about 
7 year itch. Well I've had  70 th year cough. I've
 never had a cough like this ever. I'm in the 4th week
and it now seems to be going.
Irene has invested in a new die cutting machine,
 this quilt is her first of many using a chenille
We at the class have bought her earlier model.
It cuts multiples of 2 1/2 in strips . so quick
and easy, also flying geese.

Foxy has been making table toppers, this will be a
chequered Dresden.

This is my charity quilt from scraps again, so quick
and simple, all I could manage at the moment.

This is another luxury shopper from Kate.
The fabric is from the designer shop freebies
again.One day we may use the stash .....
we hope.

Saturday, 11 February 2017


The past 2 weeks have been so hectic in the hall,
new projects, new ideas, some of us (me)
promising to finish what I've started. Gifts for
new babies and charity work all taking off. 

This is another of Marions gifting quilts.
it will be raffled by her sister for charity.

This is the front. a lovely 50's type print like
 Mabel Lucy Attwell.(for those of a certain age)

Kate's butterfly quilt made with a charm pack
and quilted beautifully merrygo round style.

A group of the ladies have been making beenie
hats for the Innocence fruit drinks. The tables were
 loaded with wools of all colours, and sharing began.
also the Twiddle muffs are being made with all sorts
of additions. This week Beryl demonstrated
her new method of making multiple bobbles at
once. So very quick and cleaver.

Val brought her bag to complete it was to be gifted
but may now be kept for herself. Val made a quilty thing
( her sons description) completed and dispatched
along with pillow shams. I did take pics but some how
they must be floating in the ether some where.
When they land on earth I will retrieve them!

My promise to try to complete thing took a turn for
 the better my Hunters star no 2 almost completed.
t the last border and then the binding. Hip Hooray.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Slowly back to normal.

We are back in the mood for sewing now, some of the ladies 
went to the show at Sandbach. Coming back with lots of
new fabrics and ideas. I spent most time over the holidays
sewing 1/2 sq. triangles. just because I need to use up stuff.
As I have only been quilting since 2009 I'm surprised how
much fabric I have left from projects. Angie told me once
that I pay the same price for scraps so dont throw them 
away. I now believe that the scraps actually go forth and 
multiply when they are left in boxes.I want to make at

 least 1 scrappy quilt a month this year.   we'll see!
Final side of Kate's beautiful quilt, this really has been
a labour of love. It was started as a workshop
project. Just like Topsy it grew and grew. Just beautiful.

Annette's baby quilt ,these are left overs from the previous
 quilt , just needed to rearrange positions a bit and
sew sew them altogether.

Kate's charm square gift quilt is about to be quilted.
A lovely choice of fabrics.

Margarets beautiful wedding cushion, including
some very delicate sequins, a thoughtful gift
for any couple.

As I said at the beginning my 1/2 sq. triangles. 1 of the 3
designs I have on the go. I have single stars to go around the
centers, when I can buy more of the background fabric.
Very unusual for me to run out, but yet again 1 lap quilt
grew into a single size{hopefully}

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Better late than never.

Marion has made this quilt for her new great grandson.
 I think that any little boy would love to drive cars on
this track. 

The reverse is also looking good.

Marisabel is appliqueing her ducks before sewing a
contrasting border around each one. such a nice
 looking duck design.

These are Kate's finished baby quilts all ready to gift
for the imminent births.

This is Marions left over quilt. All the fabric was the
remains of her Kaffe Fasset quilt. The amount was greatly
over estimated . she now has two for the price of one.

Lynda has made this lovely little girls quilt. very much
like liberty fabrics. Purchased from the Dunhelm sale.

Chris has appliqued the teddy bears before using
this lovely rainbow sashing.

A lovely charm pack Xmas pressie quickly assembled
by Kate.

A super cup cake quilt made by margery.

Another dolly dress up quilt by Margery, all hand quilted.

This is my latest block .I need 4, each star
comes from a 5in sq. So 8 fat quarters and the white
background. Each block measures almost 27 in.
So 4 blocks should work out 54 sq.without